Sani-Powder is a granular version of hypochlorous acid – a safe and effective surface sanitizer that kills a broad spectrum of viruses, algae, fungi, mold, yeast, bacterial spores and other harmful microorganisms.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is nature’s oldest disinfectant. This naturally-occurring substance is found in all mammals as part of their natural immune response to fight off infections (1). In the body, white blood cells seek out invasive pathogens like bacteria and viruses, and destroy them by producing hypochlorous acid (2).

,Sani-Powder Sanitizer is a commercially produced HOCl that works exactly the same way. It is a powerful oxidizing agent that kills a vast spectrum of bacteria, viruses, spores, and other microorganisms (2), but without harmful chemicals, fumes or residues commonly associated with traditional disinfectants (3).

HOCl kills pathogens by destroying their proteins and cell membranes (3), which disrupts the cellular processes of viruses and bacteria. This renders them incapable of mutating or reproducing (4, 5), and consequently eliminates them altogether. Because HOCl has no charge and also carries a low molecular weight, it effectively penetrates cell walls and reacts rapidly with organic matter (5).

Safety and Sustainability

A Safer Alternative

Compared to popular disinfectants that contain hazardous chemicals, hypochlorous acid is a safer and natural alternative that is traditionally made by combining non-iodinated salt, water, and electrolysis. However, the electrolysis process using machines is limited in terms of the level of concentration that the machine is able to achieve.

Unique & Stable Chemistry

Using dry chemistry Sani-Powder created a water-soluble powder which has been uniquely stabilized and optimized for a long shelf life and convenience. This powder is sustainably packed in pre-measured pouches, ready to be added to containers and be mixed. Once mixed, the hypochlorous acid solution becomes potent within a few minutes and is ready for use. In liquid form, Sani-Powder is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to use around families, pets, and plant life.

Easy Everyday Application

Sani-Powder provides total sanitization and defends against harmful microorganisms without hazardous byproducts. It can be applied without using protective gear, and with people and pets present because it is safe and non-toxic. Sani-Powder its low pH, Sani-Powder requires no disposal considerations and is safe for the environment. Additionally, our solution is residue-free and does not require wiping or rinsing after being sprayed, making it very easy to use.

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