What is Sani-Powder

Sani-Powder is the industry’s first bioactive water-soluble granular HOCl (hypochlorous acid) surface disinfectant. It comes in premeasured packets for easy adding into various container sizes with water. We developed Sani-Powder to kill microorganisms with the convenience of not having to be produced by a costly generator. Just add an Sani-Powder packet to water to create an easy to use, effective form of HOCl to treat and disinfect surfaces.

What is HOCl?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the same substance made by your own human white blood cells that fight off infection in the body. Sani-Powder uses safe chemistry to produce a similar and highly concentrated form of HOCl that’s effective against viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mold, yeast, and other contaminants.

Is HOCl the same as bleach?

No. HOCl is over 6 times stronger than bleach at the same ppm strength, while also being much safer due to its near-neutral pH, and will not produce chlorine gas like bleach.

How often should I use Sani-Powder?

You can apply Sani-Powder as much as needed throughout a given time period. For hotspot areas that involve many touch points in a given day (bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, schools, workplaces, etc.), we recommend multiple treatments per day as needed.

Is it safe to breathe in?

Sani-Powder is safe to spray around people, animals. It is also safe for the environment, and can be used with other equipment like atomizers, sprayers, and foggers. Sani-Powder is non-hazardous and safe to spray in the aqueous (liquid) form without personal protective equipment (PPE).

Is Sani-Powder flammable?

In the aqueous (liquid) form, Sani-Powder is non-flammable and has been verified safe by OSHA and GHS certification.

Do you have to wipe off Sani-Powder after use?

No. Sani-Powder does not leave behind residues, and does not require wiping after use. It is not corrosive or destructive to hard surfaces, and is safe to spray on and leave on. However, should you prefer to wipe off Sani-Powder after application, make sure to let it sit on surfaces for 4-10 minutes to ensure complete kill of contaminants on the surface.

What is the shelf life of Sani-Powder?

Sani-Powder has a 1-year shelf life in dry granular form. Once dissolved in liquid form, it should be used within a 30-day period to ensure top performance.

Will Sani-Powder irritate my skin or eyes?

At recommended strengths and according to OSHA and GHS testing, Sani-Powder is not harmful to eyes or skin. However, it is always important to use products as directed.

Should accidental spraying occur, no adverse effects are expected in humans or pets. If irritation occurs, rinse eyes and/or skin with water for several minutes.

What will happen if I accidentally spray it in my mouth?

At recommended strengths, no adverse effects are expected in humans or pets if Sani-Powder is accidentally ingested when sprayed. However, as with any regulated EPA product, it is always important to follow the label for important emergency protocols if accidents happen.

Can I drink Sani-Powder?

No. Sani-Powder is approved for surface disinfecting, and not for internally killing contaminants.

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