How to Use Immuno 360

Dillution guide

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the naturally-occurring disinfectant of your immune system, produced by white blood cells to destroy invasive microorganisms and fight off infection. This substance is also used on patients with serious open wounds to keep those wounds germ-free.

Eco99 HOCl utilizes this same powerful ingredient as an EPA registered multipurpose disinfectant – providing safe, effective, and convenient germ-fighting technology for worry-free disinfecting.

Water 1.05g 2.1g 4.2g
32 fl oz 600 ppm 1200 ppm Not Recommended
0.5 gal 300 ppm 600 ppm 1200 ppm
1 gal 150 ppm 300 ppm 600 ppm
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